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Paragon Galleries has been on-line continuously since 1996.


This site was designed by David Brinkman (the Photographer)


Graphics sites can be slow to load, and page load time has been given the highest priority in the design of Paragon Galleries.  Static pages are used, the use of JAVA has been restricted, and Flash has not been used. 


Effort has been made to ensure cross-browser compatibility; the site has been tested on IE, Netscape, Firefox and Opera; best results are with I.E.6


Southern California; Los Angeles, to Palm Springs, to San Diego


Email:  David (at) ParagonGalleries (dot) Com


All images are Copyright, David Brinkman, 1995-2006


All images have copyright information embedded in them - some in a very discrete way.  Digital removal of this information will indicate an intentional violation of copyright law.


Prints for sale:

Ultrachrome prints are printed on Premium Luster paper

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When properly framed, a color print is expected to last 100 years


When properly framed, a B&W print is expected to last 200 years

Note: Purchased images can appear different from one monitor to another, and final prints may not appear exactly as you see them on your monitor.


8x10 or 8x12; $35.   11x14 or 12x18; $60.  Others, as listed.


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I have tried to keep the sign of my galleries very clean, so you will not find banners or links within the galleries of my site.


However, I have developed an extensive set of links, from shops selling robes and soap, to hard-core video on demand.  You could spend hours looking at these - and I hope you do!  Some of these produce a bit of income for me, which helps me to fund my work and keep this site free.